We are blooming lettuce.
With intimate connections to our subjects, we focus on empowering raw authenticity, interconnecting universal human struggles, and delivering an experience yet untold.
         Day by day, moment by moment, we pass person to person never knowing what led us there. It is this fact that brings us to the conclusion that everyone has a story to share. Our goal, simply put, is to approach each story that comes our way as an opportunity to represent authenticity. We aim to tackle universal concepts humanity grapples with through one individual's story. We want people to control their narrative, to walk away with a new perspective of who they are, where they come from, and how they fit into these uniting concepts. We strive for building a lasting relationship, one of mutual trust and understanding. We want us all to bloom into the people we strive to be, through the art of visual storytelling. From commercial work to a feature length film, to anything in between-we want you to share your story.
Feel free to contact us with your stories or feedback! We would love to connect.
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